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After I graduated from business school in 2008, I was pretty sure I had life figured out (as one does in their 20s ;-)). My life was comfy and I felt great. Sure, I was tired, fatigued at times, had some hard-to-control cravings, and definitely some rough PMS symptoms. BUT: I had just graduated with honors and secured myself a job at my dream company: a technology company with great work-life balance, amazing people, and free M&Ms in our break rooms. I had also just married my equally dreamy husband, who went from being super smart in his corporate job to being a super smart entrepreneur when our first baby boy was born (I kid you not, I have no idea how he does it).

Throw in a second baby boy, a growing startup, a few promotions, and a new home a few years later and things were even better. It’s not uncommon to think of success as having a successful job, home, and family. It wasn’t until the pandemic (I am going to refer to this as THE pandemic, optimistically assuming it will be the only one in my lifetime) that I noticed how depleted I really was. I know it was stressful for everyone to work from home (if you even had the privilege to do so!) and balance kids and family life during quarantine times, but for me, it was the first time I noticed a host of symptoms that had started well before then: fatigue, acne, gut issues, brain fog, joint pain when exercising, thinning hair, mood swings.

Let’s Talk Hormones blog

I had been cleaning up our diet and home environment since 2012, when our first baby boy was born and I decided our family deserved better overall health. However, by working with a functional medicine doctor and health coach, I discovered that my hormones were still very much out of whack! By fixing my own health over time, I got inspired to do the same for others. I had the privilege of quitting my six-figure job and started pouring my energy into holistic health. I decided I was never going to be or feel unhealthy again.

If you have symptoms that you don’t think are normal, in addition to working with your primary care provider, checking your hormone levels through a DUTCH test or other hormone level check is key. If you’re a woman on hormonal birth control, or if you have been on hormonal birth control in the past, I especially recommend this. Over the years, I’ve cleaned up just about every area of our diet and environment. Here are some key areas I focus on for better hormone health:

  • Diet and frequency of meals and snacks
  • Water and fluid intake
  • Coffee and caffeine intake
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Exercise, breath, and movement
  • Skincare and makeup
  • Perfume
  • Laundry detergent
  • Sunscreen
  • Toothpaste, soap, and body wash
  • Plastics
  • Cleaning products
  • Non-stick cookware

Working with a health coach was life transforming. So much that I became one myself. I know it’s a step in a direction I’ll never regret, even if I still don’t have life figured out.

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