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Meet Varsha

Get to know hormone health coach Varsha Chawla.

My Wellness Journey

Hi, I’m Varsha. I’m so glad you’re here! Since we haven’t met, here’s a little more about me: After spending 17 years in the technology industry, I decided to pursue my passion of female wellness and holistic health to help people feel their best.

I stumbled into the holistic health and functional medicine world by accident, after two pregnancies resulting in two amazing boys, a full-time job, and an entrepreneurial spouse left me with an amazing life, but little gas in the tank. You know that saying that you can’t pour into others if you don’t fill up your own cup first? Well, that was me.

I had carefully researched every ingredient in everything from baby lotion to baby wipes before our first baby was born (I know, I used to be so type-A!). I had made sure that everything from his crib sheets to his swaddle blankets were organic and chemical free. But, as weird as this sounds….I neglected my own health in the process of having kids. Chips and salsa for lunch while nursing the baby? On repeat for me.

Over the years, I battled terrible acne, chronic joint and back pain, fatigue, high cortisol levels, difficulty losing weight, and disruptive PMS symptoms. One day when everything seemed to hit all at once, I had enough.

I worked with a functional medicine specialist and changed what I put both in and on my body. I healed my gut, my chronic inflammation, acne, and all the other symptoms that doctors told me only about seven different medications could cure. I ended up taking zero meds, eating whole, delicious foods, and feel better today than I ever have. I pursued becoming an integrated hormone health and wellness coach because I LOVE sharing this knowledge with others.

Healing your relationship with food, nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and yourself is so powerful. I look forward to helping you out because it truly is my belief that everyone can feel well and be great. I’d love to chat more – hit me up if you need anything at all!

varsha chawla well & great health coach

I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait for us to connect!

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