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hormone balancing salmon or chickpea salad

Need a 10 minute lunch? I got you! This lunch is suuuuuper flexible in the sense that you can toss it onto leafy greens / whatever greens you have on hand, on an almond flour tortilla or some toast. It works for either salmon or chickpeas, so if you’re vegetarian / vegan, keep reading!

With plenty of protein, fiber (I see you, chickpeas!), and healthy fats from mayo (see my notes on which mayo to use), salmon and avocado, it keeps blood sugar levels and hormones in check. The dairy-free nature of this dish helps with any hormonal acne and if you’re experiencing a lot of brain fog, fatigue, and bloating, you may want to keep any bread gluten-free as well (see my recommendations below). Cucumbers are so hydrating and great for your skin and if you never use capers, give them a try! Capers are flower buds that are full of tangy, briney, salty flavor and really liven up this dish. Get ready for a hearty lunch to really hold you over for a while!

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Hormone Balancing Salmon (or Chickpea!) Salad


5 oz can of wild-caught salmon (I like the Safe Catch brand) OR
13 oz of organic chickpeas, canned or in a jar (I like Jovial in a glass jar)
1/2 avocado, chopped
some organic cucumber, finely diced
some red / purple onion, finely diced
4 tbsp of organic mayo (I recommend using Follow Your Hearth avocado oil vegenaise)
1 tbsp capers
1 tbsp coarse Dijon ground mustard (I like Nobel Made)
1 tsp fresh lemon juice / a squeeze of lemon
Himalayan pink salt or sea salt, to taste
Optional: hot sauce of choice, to taste (I love Yellowbird hot sauces, as they have the cleanest ingredients and are usually low / no sugar)
Microgreens, lettuce, whatever organic greens you have on hand OR
Gluten-free sourdough bread (I’m a big fan of Breadsrsly) OR
365 brand or Siete almond flour tortilla


  1. Dice or chop everything that needs to be cut.
  2. Drain your salmon or chickpeas so the salad does not get too wet.
  3. Mix all ingredients together and spread on to a bed of greens or toasted bread or almond flour tortilla. Top your bread with some greens, if desired.
  4. Eat slowly, mindfully, and with gratitude for all the earth provides to us.
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